Worship at Deer Park

SanctuaryBroadly speaking, Sunday worship at Deer Park is based upon a cyclical series of Bible readings, the Lectionary, that follow the church’s major seasonal emphases:  Advent (spiritual anticipation and preparation for Christmas), Christmas (the birth of Jesus), Epiphany (when Jesus was revealed to the world as the Messiah, God’s anointed Son), Lent (spiritual preparation for Easter), Holy Week and Easter (remembering Jesus’ death for our sins and his resurrection from the grave), Pentecost (remembering the gift of the Holy Spirit that marks the birth of the church and the development of its mission), and Ordinary Time (the long period through Thanksgiving Day).

While every service is different, we do follow a basic pattern for worship.  Our services usually consist of a mixture of Scripture readings, prayers, responsive readings, hymns, a sermon and a call to discipleship.  You can find out more about our worship style including Orders of Worship under the What to Expect tab.