Why Deer Park?

These columns allow for members to express why they have chosen to join Deer Park and revolve around 1 of 4 questions:
1.  How has Deer Park accepted you?
2.  How has Deer Park loved you?
3.  How has Deer Park served you?
4.  How has Deer Park helped you accept, love, or serve someone else?

We believe that personal stories, more than anything else, can tell you what we are truly like.

Wanda Ray   Why Deer Park by Wanda Ray


Rickert Why I Am a Choir Member Al Rickert


Bobbie  Why Deer Park by Tim Bobbie


Birkhead   Why Deer Park by Carole Birkhead


PhifferHow has Deer Park Loved You Pat Pfeiffer


PorterWhy Deer Park by Ira Porter