Church History


DP Slide Show History 1 Coal Shed 1906Deer Park has a long, proud history.  We were founded in October of 1906 as a mission of Walnut Street Baptist Church.  The first members of Deer Park, then known as City Limits Baptist Mission, met in a house, then a tent, then a coal shed.  In February of 1908 the church purchased a lot at 1952 Duker Avenue and built a small chapel.  It’s first name was “City Limits Baptist Church.”  When it became apparent that more space was needed, the church broke ground on a new building at our current location in 1915.  Continued growth necessitated more construction in 1932 and again in 1952.  The church also underwent major renovations in 1962, 1991, and 1997.

Deer Park also has a long history of social involvement.  In 1963 Deer Park joined with five other community churches to form what would later be known as the Highland Community Ministries (HCM).  We were the first Baptist church in the state of Kentucky to ordain women as deacons in the 1970s.  Deer Park was also one of the first white churches in Louisville to get involved in the Civil Rights Movement.  Finally, we were the sight of the first Baptist Peace Conference and the Baptist Peacemaker movement started here.